Singing Lessons

Always wanted to be a singer? Or sing a song at your wedding? Audition for Australian Idol? Kingsley George has offered singing lessons in Melbourne since 1994.

Do you love singing or want to learn how to become a singer? Want to work on a Cruise Ship? Need to brush up your act? Trying to choose the right material? Learn about P.A. Equipment? - Desperate to get that first gig or major record deal? Looking for demo recording, video production or songwriting services? You have come to the right place!

Singing Coach

Their approach and philosophy are that every voice is as unique as the person it belongs to. Therefore, the 'trick' lies in freeing up your full voice potential with vocal training.

As singing teachers, the working methods they use, take a holistic view or the body, emotions and voice. Everyone can be taught to sing.

To develop an individual's artistic talent to their fullest capability, with regard to self image, quality, flair, confidence and technical excellence.

Songwriting, production and recording available: Come and record your demo CD and produce a video clip!! Original songs can be written to your taste and styles to submit to Record Companies.

Singing Classes

Singing classes consist of: Development of breathing, vocal technique, interpretation, development of confidence, presentation, harmonizing, backing vocals, microphone and visual technique.

Whether you want to be a Rock God or Classical Diva - a Vocalist never stops learning, and our dedication on Voice Training, Singing Exercises and Vocal Techniques have singing lessons for beginners, vocal training, breathing exercises, ear training, aural/pitching applications, posture exercises, vocal scales, information on working in the music business, singing and repertoire.

Our singing experience and information for vocalists is available for growing friends of singing tutors, classes, schools and workshops. Also it can be accessed through our singing teachers which includes vocal training for vocalists as a hobby. Internet tutorials cannot replace practical experience or quality singing tuition, but we hope that both amateur singers and professional vocalists alike will use us to learn more about the art of singing in all its glorious forms.

All styles to promote your singing career: Ballads, Pop, Rock, Reggae,
R & B, Jazz, Soul, Blues, Latin, etc.